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Quantum Brilliance is the world leader in room-temperature quantum computing using synthetic diamonds. Our unique vision is to make quantum computing available as an everyday technology, from data centres to remote and mobile systems like autonomous robots and satellites. In contrast to quantum computers that fill a room, we are developing quantum accelerators with more compute power than a classical supercomputer but a form-factor smaller than a lunchbox.

We are a full-stack Australian-German quantum computing company, led and supported by the pioneers of diamond quantum information processing. Our HQs are in Canberra and Stuttgart, with additional locations across Australia and southern Germany. We are working with global technology leaders to develop quantum computing applications, integrate quantum with high-performance computing, solve materials science challenges and develop ultra-precise semiconductor manufacturing and control techniques. We are backed by leading venture-capital funds and major research and technology institutes.

About the role:
We are interested to hear from people with a broad range of backgrounds and career stages, whether you have recently finished your PhD, are a senior postdoc or research group leader running your own projects, or are working in a technical industry role. We will tailor the role (and remuneration) to your career stage and expertise, matched to particular goals we need to hit.

Types of technical project can include:

  • Quantum device design, and tabletop experiments using research diamonds from our Materials unit, testing new qubit architectures, developing and characterising control methods, and exploring the scaling of qubit number.
    • Controlling complex systems of electronic and nuclear spins.
    • Designing and testing micro- and nanofabricated optical and electronic control structures.
  • Benchmarking, understanding and pushing the limits of performance, on both tabletop and product-prototype systems
    • Implementing quantum algorithms and state of the art quantum benchmarking protocols.
    • Applying advanced quantum sensing protocols to characterise the qubit noise environment.
    • Developing and testing control methods (optimal, robust etc).
    • Hardware debugging and hacking. Working with other teams to develop next-gen solutions with improved performance.
  • Developing and optimising control software and instrumentation tools to accelerate our R&D efforts, e.g. confocal and widefield microscopes, electronics boards, or home-built lasers.

Further details about an R&D role with Quantum Brilliance are described below.

Quantum Brilliance can provide generous relocation support, and support with securing a suitable Australian visa, including pathways to immediate Australian Permanent Residency. It can also be possible to start work with QB remotely, whilst the visa and relocation process proceeds.

About you:

There are a few essential things we need you to have:

  • PhD in quantum physics or related discipline (e.g. chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science...).
  • 3+ years’ experience conducting experimental research (can include PhD work).
  • Demonstrated excellence in whatever you have done
    • Deep understanding of the relevant theory and experimental implementation.
    • Ability to critically analyse and respond to information.
    • Understanding of how the project fit into the bigger picture.
    • Achieved something amazing.
  • Growth mind-set that enjoys pace and constantly evolving challenges, with a passion for turning cutting edge science into practical reality.
  • Experience in technical leadership of projects, independently defining and solving problems.
  • Ability to set priorities to accomplish multiple tasks within deadlines, and adapt to rapidly changing needs.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, able to articulate ideas that can be understood by others.

In your application, please include both your key technical skills as well as details of any of your publications you would like to highlight. Examples of relevant technical skillsets:

  • Demonstrated research leadership in NV centres in diamond or similar spin-based quantum systems (e.g. atoms, ions, solid-state defects).
  • Experience building, operating and debugging large qubit systems (of any type - superconducting, trapped ions, neutral atoms etc).
  • Python or C++ based software development.
  • Experience in design and characterisation of quantum devices
    • Design and experimental testing of nano/microelectronics for qubit control
    • Design (e.g. using Lumerical) and experimental testing of integrated optics (micro- and nano-structures).
  • RF and microwave electronics (1-20 MHz, 1-30 GHz), including arbitrary waveform generation, mixers, amplifiers, and near-field antennas.
  • Experiment control systems: analogue and digital I/O, software control of hardware.
  • Research-grade laser-optics systems, e.g. confocal microscopes.
  • Diamond processing: cleaning, etching, NV creation.
  • Clean-room process and workflow development, e.g. EBL, UV-lithography, and deposition techniques.
  • Mechanical CAD design and prototyping.
  • Setting up laboratories or experiments.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and are aware that some individuals tend to only apply for jobs when they meet 100% of the criteria. If you think you have what it takes, but don't necessarily meet every single point on the job description, please still get in touch. We'd love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit!

About an R&D role with Quantum Brilliance:

At Quantum Brilliance, you’ll join a team of experts working to create massive, transformative impact. You’ll join a team of problem-solvers, who are curious and driven to understand and master new things. We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment, where we learn from the unique expertise that each person brings, and support the growth of each team member.

  • Working with bright and engaging colleagues, aligned to a common goal. In many academic settings, there are 1-2 people at most working on a particular project. At Quantum Brilliance, there are more people on your project and closely related topics, creating a vibrant environment with lots to learn and share. It also provides an environment to develop your skills in project management and coordination.
  • Collaborating with colleagues around the world. We currently have labs in 6 locations across Australia and Germany, and collaborate with leading research institutions and quantum technology companies.
  • Continuous learning. You're expected to keep pace with the state of the art in the field, reading papers and (virtually) attending conferences. If you're switching fields, you'll need to rapidly get up to speed with the literature history, something we will help with but that you are expected to drive. There are further exciting learnings in project management, team leadership, and business operations.
  • Research leadership. As you complete projects and build your understanding of the company and its R&D programs, you will be increasingly expected to provide input to help shape roadmaps and targets for subsequent R&D projects. This can include pitching projects to follow-up on discoveries made during previous projects.
  • Creating IP and patenting your inventions.
  • Publishing. We'll publish from time to time as a company, including technical white papers and scientific papers targeting top-tier (Nature, Science) journals, with authorship following the usual scientific conventions. In contrast to an academic environment, the publishing is driven by strategic considerations rather than as our primary 'product'.
  • Conferences and outreach. We provide opportunities for presenting at and/or participating in conferences, workshops and careers events.
  • Lecturing and teaching. You won't be convening undergrad courses, but you will still have plenty of opportunities to share your knowledge within the team. This can include providing technical leadership and mentoring to other team members, doing projects with brilliant interns, and regular internal technical group meetings.
  • Research environment. Our labs are co-located with universities or public research institutions, at sites across Australia and Germany.
  • Applying for grants. Depending on your role with QB and the funding/partnership opportunities, this might still be a thing. But there tends to be a much higher success rate, shorter timelines to funding outcomes, and it's no longer a live-or-die thing for your career.