Quantum Brilliance

We build room temperature quantum computers, powered by diamond, which will provide ubiquitous quantum computing.
Quantum Brilliance

Quantum Brilliance is building room temperature quantum computers, powered by diamond. Our vision is to provide ubiquitous quantum computing: from data centres to hospitals, from autonomous vehicles to remote facilities. A single quantum processor can outperform a classical supercomputer. With our diamond technology, we avoid the cryogenics and complex infrastructure requirements of other quantum architectures, and can ultimately shrink our processor down to the size of a GPU accelerator card.

Operations Manager
Full-Time, Operations
Canberra, ACT
Posted 9 days ago
Quantum Processor Architect
Full-Time, Architecture
Sydney, AU
Posted a month ago
Quantum Backend Engineer
Full-Time, Software & Application
Sydney, NSW
Posted a month ago
Technical Assistant to the CEO
Full-Time, Corporate
Canberra, ACT
Posted 2 months ago
Embedded Software Team Leader
Full-Time, Control Systems
Canberra, AU
Posted 2 months ago
VP of Software Engineering
Full-Time, Software
Canberra, AU
Posted 3 months ago
Business Intelligence Analyst
Full-Time, Operations
Canberra, AU
Posted 3 months ago
Quantum Researcher, Experiment (all levels)
Full-Time, QC Research
Canberra, AU
Posted 6 months ago

CSIRO ON Accelerate

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