I Want to be a Mofo at Vinomofo

Full-time, Culture, Australia, Victoria full-time
Posted 2 years ago

So you think you can mofo? Got what it takes? We work hard, play hard, we have very high expectations, and it's worth it. Working for Vinomofo is a way of life, and one we take very seriously, while having fun of course.

While we may not have a position vacant that suits your mad skills and experience right now,  we're always looking for good people, great people, the best people in fact. Tell me, do you think you can handle this?

Tell us what makes you tick - what do you really care about, what makes you extraordinary at what you do, how do you do it differently, better than anyone else? Show us how you align with our values.

And if you really want to impress, upload a video addressing these questions. And if you really want to impress, make it creative, and funny. 

Over to you...