Graduate Software Engineers at Rokt

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Posted 16 days ago

The Role:

We’re looking for enthusiastic Graduate Software Engineers to join our graduate program at Rokt. You’ve studied hard, completed labs, had some experience and now you’re ready to start coding and ship. With Rokt we’ll give you the tools, support and environment to get straight into coding. You will join a team of experienced engineers who are passionate about writing world class code.

In your first week you’ll have your first task, your first month, you will have completed a number of fixes and features (at least one of which will be in production), started peer-reviewing your colleagues’ code, you will be participating in team task estimations and have a growing understanding of your team's systems. By the end of your first year you will have led design workshops, started to master a handful of technologies and taken primary responsibility for a small system (or a component in a larger system).

While you start with one engineering team, your opportunities will be throughout the engineering structure and you'll work with other teams to get exposure to the whole business.

Engineers at Rokt are not afraid of a challenge; we thrive on using our creativity and delivering suitable solutions. Find where your true passion lies!

The Tech Stack

The platform employs a globally distributed micro-services and event driven data pipeline architecture to process the millions of daily consumer interactions that occur on the Rokt network.  

There are currently more than 20 scrum teams working on a huge variety of fascinating challenges at Rokt.  We believe in using the right tool for the job. We pick technologies not because they’re shiny and new, but because they solve a problem. Our mantra is: you build it, you own it.  We strive to give teams autonomy; each team owns its technology choices, tooling, test automation, deployment pipelines, and monitoring and alerting.

Our teams craft their work using languages such as Python, C#, Clojure, Scala, Kotlin and Swift.  Our frontends are built on React and Angular frameworks powered by Javascript and Typescript. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS, and we like to leverage technologies like SQS, Kinesis, and Redshift.  But more and more we’re turning to open source technologies such as Postgresql, Kafka, EMR and Spark to achieve our goals.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • Demonstrable knowledge of data structures and basic algorithms
  • Applications must include a tailored cover letter, resume and copy of your academic transcript. You should also include links to any personal projects / GitHub repositories in your resume.