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We believe that the greatest resources in business are our people, our dreams and ambitions. We believe that businesses deserve to be paid on time. We believe that being paid on time helps businesses to survive, then thrive. Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of ambitious businesses, so they have the cash, confidence and information to manifest their dreams. Our SaaS-based accounts receivable solution compliments accounting/ERP software to automate the process of getting paid.

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist - Campinas
Product, Full-time
Posted 4 days ago
Account Executive (Mid-Market)
Sales, Full-time
Posted 13 days ago
Customer Success Manager
Customer Success, Full-time
Posted 16 days ago
Customer Success Lead
Customer Success, Full-time
Posted 23 days ago
Business Development Representative
Sales, Full-time
Posted 7 months ago



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