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Advanced agronomic analytics that use the power of ag data and science-based crop models for farm insights

At FluroSat, we analyse remote sensing data (aerial and/or satellite imagery). We build supercharged agronomic tools to quantify the crop stress and answer the "why?"​ rather than "where?"​. Our platform allows agronomists to access satellite/plane or upload drone data, and provides them with the information on the stress levels and nutrient content distribution around the paddock (e.g., crop health maps, N/ chlorophyll levels maps) calculated using our advanced modeling and processing tools. We go into in-depth analysis, extending beyond NDVI into the identification of individual crop stressors. What is different about FluroSat is we build reliable correlations combining multiple sources of hyperspectral/ multispectral imagery (drone, satellite) incorporating the on-farm data (IOT, ground-based sensors) and tailor analytics on a per-paddock level for each of the crop types separately. We are always open to partnership in agronomy and research. Get in touch with us!

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18th July, 2020
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15th July, 2020
FluroSat Announces Research Collaboration with ISU to Test Integrated Nitrogen Management Tool

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12th July, 2020
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8th July, 2020
VirtualAg Expert Series – Webinar Panel Discussion – Crop Nitrogen Monitoring and Optimization with Remote Sensing

FluroSat is welcoming Dr Sotirios Archontoulis, A/Professor of Integrated Cropping Systems at Iowa S...

29th June, 2020
Point-based weather and NDVI from Arable Marks to flow into FluroSense to advance the accuracy of crop analytics for joint customers

FluroSat works with Arable to integrate data feed including localised weather data and NDVI reading ...

28th June, 2020
FluroSat has established a partnership with Climate FieldView to provide an easy-to-use integration for joint customers

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28th June, 2020
FluroSat partners with SkyWatch to offer an on-demand high-resolution satellite imagery

FluroSense is integrated with SkyWatch EarthCache satellite imagery acquisition platform to bring th...

27th June, 2020
Three-way partnership to scale verification of sustainability practices

Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) provides third-party verification and quantification ser...

25th June, 2020
[Study results] Using NDVI and Thermal imagery for irrigation scheduling in orchards

Many agronomists and farm managers are familiar with the use of ET-based irrigation scheduling. Crop...

25th June, 2020
SDG 2: Zero Hunger – Webinar hosted by MIT Media Lab feat. speakers from NASA Harvest, WFP, and FluroSat

The United Nations has set ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promot...