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Position Summary

A subject-matter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in an area, topic or discipline.

SMEs are engaged to assist the development or re-development of a course (subject). They may contribute, author, research and provide a high level of assistance as well as expertise in the development or re-development of the course.

SMEs may collaborate with Learning Designers and Course Coordinators during the development or re-development of courses. This may include updating an existing course or the assessments within an existing course, creating a course map for a new course, developing a prototype, and building a full course.

SMEs are often sourced from industry, consultancies, partner organisations, or recruitment organisations.

Course Overview

The financial services industry has been experiencing a technological revolution, not only in Australia but globally. As a result, there has been an explosion in demand for individual that can combine both finance and technology skills. This is a tremendous opportunity for universities to develop programs that can respond to this demand. The fully-online Master of Financial Technology (FinTech) will draw on thought leadership and advanced practice to create a program that is contemporary, relevant, practical, and multi-disciplinary.

The Master of FinTech will equip its graduates with the necessary skills to be able to respond to the technological revolution that the financial services industry has been experiencing. The program covers the major changes that have recently occurred in the financial services industry, the main types of business models adopted, the skill-set required to cope with the profound transformations that have occurred in this space, and the future career opportunities that can still open in this industry. It includes the discussion of case studies in FinTech, which will be backed by testimonials from industry practitioners in a Podcast setting. These practitioners will share the practical challenges that they have faced in their own projects, the trends that they observe in the industry, and the upcoming opportunities that they envision for a career in FinTech. These guest speakers will be from several areas of FinTech, such as crowdfunding, data mining, robo advice, payments, cross-country money transfers, regulation, etc. The program concludes with an applied team-based project that will be presented to a FinTech accelerator for discussion and validation. This final project will ask students to consult on a real-world problem in finance that requires a tech solution.

This program is suitable for a range of professionals, including those from traditional positions in the financial services industry who have finance knowledge but are looking to refresh their technical skill-set, who want to move for more senior positions, or who want to join or remain relevant in the constantly changing labor market. This program is also suitable to IT professionals who are looking to acquire knowledge in financial products, regulations, and specific technologies used in the FinTech sector. Last but not least, this program is suitable for recent graduates in business/commerce/finance who are looking for advanced education in both finance and technology to stay competitive in the labor market.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Business knowledge - Graduates will be able to make informed and effective selection and application of knowledge in financial technology, in the contexts of local and global business.
  2. Responsible business practice - Graduates will be able to apply responsible business thinking and approaches, which are underpinned by ethical professional practice and sustainability considerations.
  3. Teamwork - Graduates will be able to interact and collaborate effectively with others to achieve a common business purpose or fulfil a common business project, and reflect critically on the process and the outcomes.
  4. Leadership development - Graduates will develop the capacity to take initiative, encourage forward thinking and bring about innovation, while effectively influencing others to achieve desired results.
  5. Problem solving - Graduates will be able to define and address finance problems, and propose effective technology-based solutions, through the application of rigorous analysis and critical thinking.
  6. Business communication - Graduates will be able to harness, manage and communicate business information effectively using multiple forms of communication across different channels.
  7. Global and cultural competence - Graduates will be aware of business systems in the wider world and actively committed to recognise and respect the cultural norms, beliefs and values of others, and will apply this knowledge to interact, communicate and work effectively in diverse environments

Key responsibilities and Duties:

  • Participate in workshops to map out the overall curriculum and course architecture, the assessment strategy in overview, and the more finely grained structure of individual learning activities
  • Participate, as required, in workshops or conversations with clients, partners and industry to mine their expertise and understand how they will be able to contribute
  • Work with Learning Designer to design activities, develop authentic and engaging learning activities, create performance tasks and identify opportunities for automated formative feedback
  • Write course content based on a pre-agreed course map, ensuring appropriate referencing
  • Deliver course content according to project timelines
  • Assist in planning for the development of bespoke videos, writing interview questions/prompts
  • Communicating with University librarians around resources to be located / cleared
  • Identify resources to be used
  • Communicate with graphic designers on images to be designed for the course
  • Source contemporary course content material
  • Write assessment tasks and rubrics with the learning designer and/or learning and teaching experts from partner/client and creating any assessment materials such as case studies or data sets
  • Quality assurance of each learning activity in the final learning design from a SME perspective
  • Incorporate feedback and changes as required by the client/partner

Objectives of this role:

This role of Subject Matter Expert (SME) is primarily to provide relevant subject matter content for online courses. The SME works in close collaboration with Learning Experience Designers and Developers and partners/clients to develop meaningful and engaging courses, support resources and learning experiences based on the objectives and learning outcomes of the learning experience. The design and development of learning experiences is typically closely project managed but also dynamic and fast paced, to achieve project deadlines, and entails highly developed communication and collaboration.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Should have a Master/PhD and working experience in related areas
  • Have experience in course developmentt
  • Online teaching experience in a relevant field, tertiary level is highly desirable
  • Experience in curriculum design, online course content development is highly desirable
  • Contemporary Industry and/or professional practice experience and currency in relevant field
  • Contemporary knowledge of e-learning trends and student learning is highly desirable
  • Ability to write course content that is responsive to the learner audience
  • Demonstrated commitment to high quality teaching in delivery; an ability to lead a workshop and facilitate in an engaging and original way.
  • Ability to work as part of a team with Learning Experience Designers and Developers and Clients/Partners
  • An interest in online learning pedagogy
  • Hold a solutions-oriented approach
  • Ability to self-manage time, and to work to deadlines
  • Openness and ability to receive feedback, incorporating input from diverse perspectives
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Key Selection Criteria

  • SMEs must have at least 5 years experience in a relevant area, topic or discipline or related field if the topic area is new or developing
  • Must be an industry leader or thought leader in the relevant area, topic or discipline
  • Experience running workshops and/or presenting at conferences or industry events
  • Will happily collaborate with Learning Designers and Course Coordinators
  • Has an understanding/passion for online learning and online pedagogy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Can work towards milestones and deadlines - course map, prototype, full course
  • Enjoys telling a story - narrative, structure, sequencing
  • Can think outside the box to reimagine a course vision, mission and objectives


  • Flexible and online work with mostly evening and weekend hours required