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Curio, a leading education consulting and learning experience company, works with universities, vocational education providers, schools and companies to drive change through learning.

We have led the online learning transformation of many of our clients and partners through a focus on the creation of exceptional learning experiences, through course design and online facilitation.

Curio Faculty provides quality education services to universities, vocational education providers, other higher education providers, and corporate partners and not for profits.

We are passionate educators who believe in the power of expert content development and online facilitation to deliver exceptional learner outcomes.


  • Online Facilitators (also referred to as Academic Tutors) provide online teaching delivery of client/partner online programs and courses in vocational education and higher education.
  • The role of the Online Facilitator/Academic Tutor is to deliver courses in accordance with the course design and requirements and client/partner policies and procedures. Online facilitators are not required to establish curriculum, develop course content and assessments, or develop marking schemes.
  • The role is responsible for engaging and supporting learners/students to ensure quality student learning experiences.
  • All Online Facilitators/Academic Tutors are required to maintain Teaching Pulse Student Satisfaction =>4 and end of teaching period evaluation standards set by the client/partner.


  • Planning, scheduling and delivery of live and/or recorded webinar sessions and activities in accordance with course design or as directed by the Course Coordinator.
  • Delivery of planned academic content in accordance with course design.
  • Facilitating learning activities in accordance with course content and design, including discussion forum and assessment tasks (including e-moderation, assessment, and feedback)
  • Deliver assessment marking and feedback for approximately three assessments per teaching period.
  • Engage with and attend assessment moderation processes and submit assessment results as directed by the Course Coordinator.
  • Attend course administration meetings, typically three per teaching period.
  • Provide prompt communication responses with students via relevant and endorsed communication channels.
  • Be accessible to students seeking individual assistance with their studies, at a level consistent with the learning needs of the student cohort, and in adherence to the academic support and intervention services provided by client.
  • Participate in coaching and peer learning sessions

Online learning is an intensive learning experience for both the students and the online facilitator. You will be provided with a great deal of support from The Faculty and our client in order to deliver a great student experience.

Course Overview

The financial services industry has been experiencing a technological revolution, not only in Australia but globally. As a result, there has been an explosion in demand for individual that can combine both finance and technology skills. This is a tremendous opportunity for universities to develop programs that can respond to this demand. The fully-online Master of Financial Technology (FinTech) will draw on thought leadership and advanced practice to create a program that is contemporary, relevant, practical, and multi-disciplinary.

The Master of FinTech will equip its graduates with the necessary skills to be able to respond to the technological revolution that the financial services industry has been experiencing. The program covers the major changes that have recently occurred in the financial services industry, the main types of business models adopted, the skill-set required to cope with the profound transformations that have occurred in this space, and the future career opportunities that can still open in this industry. It includes the discussion of case studies in FinTech, which will be backed by testimonials from industry practitioners in a Podcast setting. These practitioners will share the practical challenges that they have faced in their own projects, the trends that they observe in the industry, and the upcoming opportunities that they envision for a career in FinTech. These guest speakers will be from several areas of FinTech, such as crowdfunding, data mining, robo advice, payments, cross-country money transfers, regulation, etc. The program concludes with an applied team-based project that will be presented to a FinTech accelerator for discussion and validation. This final project will ask students to consult on a real-world problem in finance that requires a tech solution.

This program is suitable for a range of professionals, including those from traditional positions in the financial services industry who have finance knowledge but are looking to refresh their technical skill-set, who want to move for more senior positions, or who want to join or remain relevant in the constantly changing labor market. This program is also suitable to IT professionals who are looking to acquire knowledge in financial products, regulations, and specific technologies used in the FinTech sector. Last but not least, this program is suitable for recent graduates in business/commerce/finance who are looking for advanced education in both finance and technology to stay competitive in the labor market.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Business knowledge - Graduates will be able to make informed and effective selection and application of knowledge in financial technology, in the contexts of local and global business.
  2. Responsible business practice - Graduates will be able to apply responsible business thinking and approaches, which are underpinned by ethical professional practice and sustainability considerations.
  3. Teamwork - Graduates will be able to interact and collaborate effectively with others to achieve a common business purpose or fulfil a common business project, and reflect critically on the process and the outcomes.
  4. Leadership development - Graduates will develop the capacity to take initiative, encourage forward thinking and bring about innovation, while effectively influencing others to achieve desired results.
  5. Problem solving - Graduates will be able to define and address finance problems, and propose effective technology-based solutions, through the application of rigorous analysis and critical thinking.
  6. Business communication - Graduates will be able to harness, manage and communicate business information effectively using multiple forms of communication across different channels.
  7. Global and cultural competence - Graduates will be aware of business systems in the wider world and actively committed to recognise and respect the cultural norms, beliefs and values of others, and will apply this knowledge to interact, communicate and work effectively in diverse environments


  • A Master’s degree and/or Ph.D. degree in a relevant discipline (in line with TEQSA AQF+1 requirements), and/or
  • Substantial work or practice-based experience, and significant industry experience in the related subject matter
  • Demonstratable currency in skills and contemporary teaching and learning experience relevant to the discipline they are teaching and facilitating, online is highly regarded
  • Academic profile reflecting the teaching capacity required to lead students in intellectual inquiry suited to the nature and expected learning outcomes of each Course
  • Demonstrated active engagement in continuing scholarship or industry activity relevant to the discipline they are teaching and facilitating where delivering higher degrees such as postgraduate awards (e.g., Masters)
  • Knowledge of contemporary developments in the relevant discipline of the Course informed by their own continued learning or practice
  • Sufficient proficiency with the relevant software and other technology required to perform their role effectively
  • High level written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organisation & planning skills
  • Confidence and resourcefulness in learning new technologies
  • Experience using Learning Management Systems
  • The ability to demonstrate high levels of empathy for the challenges experienced by online students
  • A passion for helping online students succeed both academically and personally
  • A current Working with Children Check in accordance with Client/Partner Policy, if Client/Partner notifies Curio of any students who are under 18 years of age (includes all academic staff, regardless of level they are teaching or age of students)


  • Flexible and online work with mostly evening and weekend hours required