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Kapiche are on a mission to help organisations understand and empathize with their customers at scale using our unique software. Our software solution allows users to understand large volumes of text data from survey feedback, including NPS, CSAT and product reviews, via machine learning. We specialise in taking the data from open-ended unstructured questions along with data from traditional close-ended structured question to give deep insights, giving organisations a high degree of visibility to make strategic decisions to increase customer loyalty, growth and revenue. Kapiche uses a unique Topic Modelling mechanism that allows users to build a clear picture of crucial themes in unstructured data. Whilst competitor software relies on dictionaries or thesauri to do this, Kapiche software is built on an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that achieves the same outcome in much less time and without the biases of human built dictionaries.Essentially producing an understanding of nuanced human language as used by everyday people.


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