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Sonder is an On-Demand Support Network providing support and assistance to students and staff around the world

Sonder’s on-demand support network provides immediate access to people with the experience and training to support staff or students in any situation. At the press of a button - members are connected to a 24/7 support centre for immediate support and advice over the phone. For staff or students requiring in-person support, a trained responder will be by their side within 20 minutes. The Sonder on-demand support network can triage problems, de-escalate situations and connect your employees or students to emergency services if circumstances require.

Nurse Unit Manager - TeleTriage
Waterloo, Sydney
Posted yesterday
Experienced Registered Nurse - TeleTriage
Waterloo, Sydney
Posted yesterday
Victoria LO's
Liaison Network
Posted 11 days ago
Senior Legal Counsel
Posted 1 months ago
Senior UX Designer
Posted 1 months ago

Tidal Ventures

Taken on 2020-07
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