Classroom Engagement Solution

Vivi makes learning more personalised and interactive than ever before. Vivi is a wireless presentation and screen mirroring tool built exclusively for the education sector. It enables teachers and students to display, capture, annotate and save content in real time. With so many schools and universities adopting a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy, Vivi is compatible across all devices and operating systems. Vivi is a simple to operate, cost-effective solution for forward-thinking schools looking to embrace wireless technologies and engage more effectively with students. We’ve invested heavily in creating a perfect user interface that balances simplicity with power. The result is a more efficient and productive learning environment. Teachers love Vivi because it is uncluttered and truly intuitive. No time wasted for training, getting started or connecting users. Our goal is to revolutionise the way children learn and engage by cutting the cord, allowing teachers and students to truly collaborate in an interactive classroom. Vivi reconnects, engages and inspires learning.

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