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Enabling operators, device partners and acquirers to work together to deliver seamless payment journeys

We are proud to be the only payment service provider that works exclusively with the transit industry. Founded in 2016, our mission is to provide seamless payments across transit networks. Collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence is at the heart of our teams in Melbourne and London, and reflected in our relationships with partner operators, device vendors, and financial institutions. We want to help operators, device partners and acquirers work together to deliver fast, frictionless travel to passengers all over the world. To this end, we have created a simple, flexible, highly secure, API-based platform for transit payment processing. Littlepay allows passengers to tap-on or tap-off using whatever they have in their pocket - bank card, smartphone or cEMV wearable device. At a fraction of the cost of a bespoke solution, Littlepay can be integrated into most transit payment ecosystems to deliver contactless payment processing and much more. More than 90 operators use our payment platform, including 'big five'​ bus companies Arriva, Go Ahead Group and First Group. Across 15,000 vehicles, over 70 million transactions have been processed. We also work with device partners. Our easy integration opens the door to sales opportunities, giving them a faster route to market. The future? The Littlepay journey has only just begun. We are continually proactive in product development, enhancing functionality and adapting to emerging technologies.